Om bar comes to life after 9 pm everyday besides Tuesday, it sees people from all walks of life, all of them come here to have a nice time, to socialise - meet old friends or make new ones, there are numerous stories of hearts broken or mended, business deals struck, cars and electronics sold and bought... all at Oms. But in particular a tough, busy and hard weeks work brings a lot of the folks here on weekends. A large portion of our guests are expatriates though we have many locals too.

We also have a menu with snacks that go well with your drinks, but anyone interested can bring their food as well.


Om bar's peak moment is after 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

It seems like more people now plan their weekend evening as "a drink at Om and then head off to the nearest dance place to rattle their bones" its not unusual that they come back to Om's to conclude their night.

So next time you are at Thimphu and can't find someone... swing by Om's and you can be pretty sure you'll meet him or her here.


Phone no 326344
email- info@changkhang.com
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